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Final Project: Favorite Project

As my final project for my Visual Media Class (Comm 130) I was to do a screencast and explain which project was my favorite. I recorded my screencast using a program I found on Google called Screencast-O-Matic, which was super easy to use. Once I finished I uploaded it to my Youtube account and also posted it here. Enjoy!

Here is my screencast showing which was my final project and what I learned.

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Spontaneous Bottle


For this week’s project, I was to find an ad of my choice and explain the color, design, typography of the ad in 6 different slide using InDesign. Within the 6 slides, I was also to create an ad that related with the original ad. I was to create it using Photoshop and create the design and ad there, then insert it in within the 6 slides.

Mixed Slide-2Mixed Slide-22Mixed Slide-23Mixed Slide-24Mixed Slide-25Mixed Slide-26

Project Specifications

As mentioned before, I was to find an original ad that was already designed and do a reverse engineer in the 6 slides. I decided to do an ad from a company called Hydro Flask, which sells water bottles to either keep them cool in the heat or warm in the cold.

Original Ad

Mixed Ad
Thomas Perry



Target Audience

My target audience for this project are for people who are adventurous and enjoy having spontaneous adventures. I am mostly targeting those who are into hiking and doing outdoorsy activities. The reasoning behind my target is because my ad is based on a water bottle that helps these types of people either keep their drinks cold or warm when they are doing their outdoor activity.

Design Analysis

The reason I decided to go for an outdoor type of ad is because I love the outdoors myself. Growing up in Oregon I have done and gone on many hikes, which I love to do. I also love my Hydro Flask water bottle because it’s the best thing to use when I want to keep my water cold during a hike.

The main design was based on the colors used in the original ad, which was a dark blue almost purple color for the banner. I wanted the colors to be alike so it tied better with the entire ad than just part of it. I made this as the master page to make all the pages the same for the entire layout for the 6 slides.

In this design, I was able to create a design using principles that I have learned earlier in my Visual Media class. As for typography, I used a san serif and a serif type face to create a contrast between the two fonts.


Overall, learning how to use two Adobe programs for one project was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was also able to incorporate previous principles in my design to create this Mixed Slides Project.


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Remember to Be Creative


For this project, I was to create a creative ad, which needed to show a symbolic visual communication to two images that were to be blended using Photoshop. The object I was to incorporate in my ad was a sticky note (s). Also, as part of the project I had to use two forms of mediums to show my ad, which were a magazine article and a blog post.
Creative Ad Magazine ad
Magazine Ad (8.5″ x 11′)
Blog Post- Creative Ad
Blog Post (300px x 250px)


I decided to use two pictures, which I got from to include in my ad.



Target Audience

The audience I am targeting are males in the ages of 25-34 years of age who are married. Also, the males have their associates degree and make an income of $15,000-$39,000. I will be targeting my audience in form of magazines and blogs. This design applies to my target audience because first, the picture is with a male. Second, in the picture it looks like the male has done well with his career and can afford higher end purchases.

Design Analysis

My original design was too literal, I had the sticky note placed on one corner of the laptop which is too realistic. So, after discussing with my group in my communication class, one member suggested I make the sticky note the size of the screen to make the sticky note look like it is the screen, which makes it more nonliteral. Also, I was able to use to typefaces, which included the san serif and the serif to allow them to contrast with each other. For my colors, I used the basic contrast colors of black and white to avoid taking focus from the design.


Overall, this project has made me like the Adobe Photoshop program a lot more than before. I am now able to blend two or more images to create any type of design which I wish to create. I enjoyed creating this creative ad because it made me think a little more, especially when I had to incorporate a sticky note to the design.