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Entrepreneur Journal – Last Lecture

There are many things in which we are capable of doing when it comes to work and finding a job. However, is it something you are truly passionate about? One of the greatest lessons I was able to take from this class was to find something that you are passionate about and go with it. Without passion it simply becomes a normal job and there is not much drive that gets you motivated.

One major insight I learned was that keeping our Savior in our business will actually help us. With this we also need to have our spouse with us and be transparent with all the decisions we are making, but also with the Lord. He knows all things and is here to help us when we ask. He wants to bless us with blessings when we are doing what is right. He never leaves us on our own it is up to us to have him by our side. Our spouse is equally important because we don’t want to make major life choices with their opinion or consent. They will be with us for all time and all eternity, so it is our duty that we treat them with the most respect.

Since we are in the topic of family I want to talk about family. We are here on the earth for a reason and that reason is to raise a family and return back to our Heavenly Father. So, when we did a case study talking about family and whether one would pick work over a dance recital it hit me real hard and how neglecting a family can become very normal. But this is not want I want for myself. I want to be able to see my kids grow and even though attending all sporting or other events is not possible doing my very best will be satisfying. I don’t want to end my life wishing I had gotten to know my kids better or see them being raised by other parents. If I am able to be there for my kids I definitely will.

Lastly, enjoy the life you are living. Even though it will be a big rollercoaster and it will be hard at time it is better to know of all the blessings we have even when we are not successful in the way we want. Money is not everything. Family and friends are more important than earning the extra 5 dollars. So, don’t spend your life chasing money because it will ruin all the wonderful things in life.

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Social Media Marketing – Blog Post #10

Organic is mostly based on SEO, where it is the backlink to a search. Search options might include a display banner, social (likes and shares), or email. AdWords is more paid digital marketing.

We also learned about social media marketing and what it is.  Social media marketing is the process of creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagements and sharing. This is a huge aspect in marketing because we are seeing more and more people be influence by online marketing compared to the old fashioned way of paper marketing. This is vital to today’s online business because it is one of the most effective ways to receive traffic and customers. Each post has to be tailored to whichever platform is being used and on the audience the business is trying to target. Not all post will be the same because of the different platforms. But if this is done well it will be very effective.


Be Smart – Entrepreneur Journey

This week we talked about overcoming our fears. There are many fears that I have and that I need to overcome. This week we learned about setting SMART goals. Basically, we have to set significant, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals to be able to set goals to overcome fears. One fear that I want to learn to overcome is the fear of failure.  I believe this is essential to put in place and set a goal to overcome these fears. I know for a fact that if I set a plan that I will be able to do it and see my progress overtime.

Also, another insight I was able to gain was that in order to achieve any goal we have to set a time period in which we want to accomplish it. For example, I want to own my own clothing boutique by the age of 28 and in order to put a path for it to happen there needs to be a plan set. So, while I work corporate until the age of 28 I want to have my location bought by the age of 26. I want to have my final vendors in place by the age of 27.

So, overall we have to set goals to achieve what we desire.

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Loyalty and Trust – Entrepreneur Journey

In class we were asked today whether we would rather have loyalty or make a lot of money. And after doing this week’s homework and working on a presentation for class on loyalty, I have realized that for me loyalty is more important. I would rather have years of honest and truth rather than a person who may flake out when hardships come up.

One big insight I was able to learn this week was that in order to be a great and successful company we need to get the right people on the bus. To me this means we have to let those who are holding us back go. Whether these people are friends or family we have to do what is right for the company.

Another insight I was able to learn was able to really take in was the concept of the hedgehog. The concept is basically saying the only way to do something that you’ll be good at and the best is by three things: passion, skill, and good financial economic level. With passion and good economic status we get a hobby. With skill and good finance we get a job. With passion and skill it’s only a dream. However, with all three components a person is and will be able to become successful in something they love.

Lastly, one quote that I really stuck out was, “success lies with having character and courage to accept a worthy mission ang get the job done.”

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Freedom – Entrepreneurial Journey

In order to be a successful entrepreneur one must have the mindset of never giving up. As an entrepreneur I have to have the mindset of accepting failure. All entrepreneurs have to go through the phase of failing because that is how the most successful entrepreneurs are formed. Going off of that, one valuable lesson I was able to take from my reading this week was that the real success for entrepreneurs is not about the money, but it’s about the freedom. In my mind true entrepreneur success was the success financially. But the more I thought about the word ‘freedom’ it made more sense. The reason I want to become an entrepreneur is because I want to have the freedom to raise my family and take the time to raise my kids. I want to have the liberty to go to their soccer games, ballet classes or school program. I want to be a good mom and be there for them. I am not saying that in order to be a good mom you have to be with you kids 24/7, but for me and how I was raised I personally see it as being a good influence to your kids.


One last point I want to talk about is the secret in becoming a successful entrepreneur. The secret is to stay on course. If I have a plan to stay on course and have barriers to help me to within my limits I know I will be able to succeed. I also know that if ask in faith to God in helping me with all my trials and hardships I know I will be successful and overcome trials.