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Icon Set: For the Love of Sports


Icon sets are designs that are linked together that have common elements that can help each separate design placed together in the same category.  This week’s project was to create an icon set of 4-6 icons of our choice. With this project, I used an Adobe program called Illustrator which allowed me to create the shapes I wanted to use for my design. The icon set that I decided to go with was based on four sports balls; bowling ball, tennis ball, basketball, and a soccer ball. I kept my designs very simple and true to what they look like in real life.

Icon Set-01

Project Specifics:

For the icon set project we had to include three elements that would feature in every single icon design. The first element I would include in each of my designs was that they were all going to be balls that were circular shaped. Secondly, the outline on the circle would be black and would be a thicker line. Lastly, all four balls would have a small curved line on the bottom right of the ball to signify a shadow. With these elements one can tell all four has a relationship with each other. Other requirements that we had to make sure to include in our designs were that there would be no text, drop shadows, pixels, or raster effects. We had to assure our designs were consistent with one another.
Icon Set-02Icon Set-03Icon Set-04Icon Set-05
(The Lines changed due to making the shapes fit into a 60X60 pixel art board

Target Audience Analysis:

The audience I was targeting with my designs were kids from the grades K-12 who enjoy playing sports. The reason I decided to target this specific age group was because my designs are playful and colorful and I felt like kids would have enjoyed a simpler design of common sports balls.



Design Analysis:

 Since I am still getting the hang of using all the Adobe programs I decided I wanted to do an icon set that would not be super complicated, which is why I picked sports balls. I decided to look for ideas on the internet and get inspiration on designs and colors.  I decided to go with the normal look that each one of the sports ball has. Also, I picked sports balls that I enjoy playing, which helped me pick the four balls in my icon set.


Overall, designing an icon set was a very helpful way to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator better. I was able to create my icons from scratch and design them the way I wanted as well as give them colors which I desired. My icon set were based on sports ball which had the same three elements which helped tie them together as an icon set.