Week 2: Web Creation Madness!

I did not know that a creation of a website would take up so much time and learning. I thought it was going to be a piece of cake and all I would have to do was add content and pretty pictures! But I was wrong in all levels!

Along with that, I learned about picking a site to build my website. I thought I would go with something easy and something that doesn’t take much learning or time, but I was wrong…again. I decided to go with Square Space because it fits the style of my future business and I would love to learn it in an educational stand point where I have the opportunity to get help from my professors and fellow classmates. It is going to be a bit of a learning curve, but I am ready to take on this challenge because I know it will be beneficial in the future.

One of the most useful tools I was able to learn about is Adwords. This tool is so useful when it comes to picking out keywords for anything. It can help when it comes to looking at competition, price-per-click, impressions, etc. Using this tool can help me determine what words I want to use and the price I am willing to pay in order for them to be effective.



Personal Constitution – Entrepreneur Journey

I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a university where the Christ is still the center and focused. I am a strong believer that we were put on this earth to do something that will benefit God’s children. And by doing so, we have to put our priorities in place and do business in an honest way.

The one takeaway from this week was on the topic of creating a personal constitution that will help us in the future with all that we do. By doing so, trial and challenges will become easier for us to face because we know what our priorities and standards are. One quote that Clayton M. Christensen said that has stuck with me is “it is easier to hold to your principles 100 percent of the time than it is to hold to them 98 percent of the time.” This hit me hard because I realized that this is the very true. If I do something that is not in my moral standard once, then what is going to stop me from doing it again? That is why this personal constitution is so important in my life.

I need to create something that I will be able to keep and something that will help me stretch as a person and become the person I have always wanted to become. In order to do this I have to think of short-term and long-term goals. However, in order to achieve these I have to create daily task that will help me achieve these goals. These daily tasks are critical to my personal improvement. By doing so I will prioritize goals and I will know my morals as a person and a business owner.


Business Principles- Entrepreneur Journey

This week’s journal entry will be on principles that I have learned from my readings. Some of these principles may seem like common sense, but it is always good to have a reminder. The first principle is on pride. When I think of pride I think of someone being to good to ask for help. However, pride becomes the reason we can go from an A- level company. An A-level company is one where the love for God is put first, then the love for your fellowman. Pride is essentially competitive in nature. And because of this there are two motivators, which are God and mammon. Money is earned because of hard work because of the ‘sweat off our face.’ We must never put materialistic happiness for our personal happiness. We have to learn to balance our life with our families and work because in the end what’s really more important?

Lastly, I want to take about 3 principles to live by. All these principles have to do with the dealings and work decisions we will make in the future. The first principle is can you ask for the Lord’s blessing with clear conscience? If you can then you are doing things right with a clear and honest conscience. The second principle is when questionable products/services are involved, is person’s involvement direct or indirect? The third is does the product or service hurt society? If so, this is a D-level company. A filthy lucre doing things that hurt others in the hope to make money.

Just think for a moment and think of whether you want an A-level or D-level company. Society makes us think that money is the only way to be happy, but we know that pride is taking over. We have to live according to good morals and standards that will make us happy in the end.


Personal Reflection – B250

This week in my Web Business class I was able to learn about quantifying and comparing alternatives. This is such a great lesson I was able to learn because as a business owner I will face many decisions that I will need decided on and if I do not have a plan in place then making these choices will be even more difficult to make and to see its potential worth in the future. Along with that I learned to weigh my options on an importance scale, which ultimately will help me weigh my options a lot better.

Another lesson I was able to learn about was the supply chain anatomy of a business. I learned about the different options such as retail, wholesalers and manufacturers and the importance each one of them is to the business world.

Also, research is an important part of picking good suppliers and manufacturers. They will be a lot of trial and error, but the important part is finding a product that makes profit when shipping as your first try.


Inspirational Thoughts- Entrepreneur Journey

Many times we have the idea of ‘what’s next’ and as an entrepreneur we have to think with the end in mind, which is what I learned this week. After reading an article about this topic I realized that I have to pick a direction and move forward with confidence. Yes, I know there will be many challenges that make my direction shift a little, but the end goal will still be the same. Having a set goal is ideal, but how far will I go in order to achieve my goal? This is why I need to have priorities in place and have a personal mission statement that will help me keep what is truly important in my life a priority. For example, I know I want to put my family first. By putting my priorities in place it will help guide me see what is truly important in my life.

Another insight I gained this week was to put God first. Through Him all things are possible. I have known this since I was young, but I never truly understood it until about my fourth semester of college. God is here to help me and He will never leave me on my own, he wants me to succeed as much as I do. And even though there will be setbacks in my career I have to learn to trust God and his timing.

Lastly, I need to look for more Barbs in my life. The story is something like this, this lady worked as a janitor at a university and she enjoyed every moment of it because it helped others. I need to be Barb in my future career, I need to inspire and look at all the positive aspects each of my future jobs to help inspire not only myself, family and friends, but to those that are struggling in their life.



Starting the Entrepreneur Journey

I finally have the opportunity to start my road to become an entrepreneur. I am a junior at BYU - I and have taken various business classes that have taught me how to do marketing, finance, and operations. However, this is my first class in my emphasis. I am beyond excited and have already learned so much from the readings. 

In one of the readings it made me realize that failure is not always a bad thing. In the reading Living Life as an Entrepreneurial Hero a quote that stuck out to me about failing was, "the sooner you embrace failure as a friend, the better." This is the best advice for someone like me who wants to start my own business. I know I will run into many problems along the way and it won't be easy; however, if I go into it knowing that there will be struggles and it won't be as depressing as if I didn't prepare for failure. 

One last insight I learned was that investing in myself will be a positive outcome in the future. Taking time out of my life and gaining new skills and knowledge will separate me from my competition. 

Lastly, I want to end my blog post with a quote talking about this journey I am about to take, "recognizing that life is hard, and that the greatest struggles bring the greatest meaning and the most powerful personal growth."