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Remember to Be Creative


For this project, I was to create a creative ad, which needed to show a symbolic visual communication to two images that were to be blended using Photoshop. The object I was to incorporate in my ad was a sticky note (s). Also, as part of the project I had to use two forms of mediums to show my ad, which were a magazine article and a blog post.
Creative Ad Magazine ad
Magazine Ad (8.5″ x 11′)
Blog Post- Creative Ad
Blog Post (300px x 250px)


I decided to use two pictures, which I got from to include in my ad.



Target Audience

The audience I am targeting are males in the ages of 25-34 years of age who are married. Also, the males have their associates degree and make an income of $15,000-$39,000. I will be targeting my audience in form of magazines and blogs. This design applies to my target audience because first, the picture is with a male. Second, in the picture it looks like the male has done well with his career and can afford higher end purchases.

Design Analysis

My original design was too literal, I had the sticky note placed on one corner of the laptop which is too realistic. So, after discussing with my group in my communication class, one member suggested I make the sticky note the size of the screen to make the sticky note look like it is the screen, which makes it more nonliteral. Also, I was able to use to typefaces, which included the san serif and the serif to allow them to contrast with each other. For my colors, I used the basic contrast colors of black and white to avoid taking focus from the design.


Overall, this project has made me like the Adobe Photoshop program a lot more than before. I am now able to blend two or more images to create any type of design which I wish to create. I enjoyed creating this creative ad because it made me think a little more, especially when I had to incorporate a sticky note to the design.



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