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The Original Spread


Magazines spreads are an amazing way to bring information or stories to readers who are looking for an easier read. Usually these kinds of readings are more clear to follow they can include pictures to keep readers engaged, use columns to separate the text to make the reading look like there is less than there really is. For this assignment, I was able to create a magazine spread on the topic of my choice. I decided to go with the article called “Small Temples-Large Blessings,” by David E. Sorensen. You can find the original article by visiting this page here: Small Temples- Large Blessings.

Magazine Draft 1 FinalMagazine Draft 1 Final 2Magazine Draft 1 Final 3


Elements Required

For this article spread I used one of the Adobe Programs, InDesign, to create my spread and design it the way I desired. The requirement was to have 3 pages of content with 2 relevant pictures that tied in with the article. Also, I had to have a pull quote directly from the article making that quote bigger and more noticeable than the rest on the text. Another required element was to have either an image or shape wrapped around text. I also had to show my understanding on typography and demonstrate how two different typefaces contrast with each other. Additionally, I created the magazine look which included columns, consistent headings and body copy, 3 different headings/subheadings, and an article from either or that had 600+ words in the article.

Target Audience

The target audience that I want to attract to my magazine article are those who are 16-22 years of age.  Primarily those who are interested in knowing more about the temple and their purpose. I hope to target those who are LDS and those who are not. The design would appeal to this audience because it has playful colors and does not have pictures that are too religious. Also, the subheadings are helpful because it splits the article up and it makes it look like there is less to read.

Design Analysis

I wanted my magazine spread to capture the main points of the article and is the reason I designed it this way. I wanted to keep the spread in two columns because it looks better constructed and better organized. Also, it was one of the requirements elements. I also wanted it to be more colorful with a peaceful feel and look which is why I decided to use light pastel colors. Also, to make the text more appealing I used a serif and a san serif typeface to create a good contrast and to assure that there was no mistake when I used two different fonts. I used pictures that related to the article, one of the Rexburg temple and the other of my sister and her husband at the Houston Temple when they got married. Using these small elements created a big contrast in the spread which helped because it made the article stand out more now than if it were written as a single page paper.


The photography that was used in the magazine spread was of my own. I took both the picture of the Rexburg Temple and the second photograph of my sister and her husband when they got married last month at the Houston, Texas temple.
Rexburg TempleRexburg, Idaho Temple
17918062_10211316593903918_4365700526304260546_o Houston, Texas Temple


Overall, creating a magazine spread was a good way to learn the Adobe Program of InDesign. I was able to use my skills and knowledge of previous lessons such as color, typography, photography, alignment, contrast, repetition, etc.  in my magazine.

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