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Photography Tips 101


This blog is going to feature three basic, but helpful tools for capturing great quality pictures. I will feature two of the same photography principle (i.e. rule of thirds), but with two different pictures; proving anyone can get good photographs using each one of these concepts. One will be from a professional photographer and the other will be one my own. I will use the draw over tool to show how these principles apply to both pictures. The pictures that were not taken from me can be found here:

Rule of Thirds:

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is when the main object aligns either horizontally or vertically along the lines that are ‘placed’ in the picture. On the first picture the man is on the right hand side vertically aligned with the line. Since he is the main focus, he was placed there and our eye naturally goes to him first. One the second picture it is basically the same concept, however, on the opposite vertical line.

Leading Lines:

Leading Lines

Leading Lines

The second concept is called leading lines. This is such an amazing tool that helps people focus on the main point of the photograph. The first photo shows an great amount of lines that are naturally place. This can also create natural frames for pictures. The second picture allows us to see a vanishing point at the top of the stairwell. This concept is very helpful to guide viewers attention from on object to another.

Depth of Focus:

Deoth of Field

Depth of Focus

The third  concept is called depth of focus. This principle is when the photographer captures the main subject and blurs out the background to assure that the focus is on the subject. On the first picture, we can automatically tell that the swing is the main focus and our eyes are drawn to the swing instantly. We, however, are able to tell what the objects in the background are, but it does not distract from the focal point; the swing. Again, on the second picture we can see the items which are blurred out don’t distract from the flower, which is the main subject of the picture.


By using these three concepts effectively in our photography career,  we will be able to create better quality image that demonstrates natural look. We will ultimately focus on the most important part of our photographs when applying one or all three rules in our daily pictures. Both the professional, and student pictures showed the concept of each rule that was explained. Now that we are more familiar with these three concepts we can now go out and take pictures following these principles.



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