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Wrapping Up In Typography



This is an advertisement campaign for Origen Organics which promotes organic fruits and vegetables. The design can be located here:  Origen Organics. I will be adding draw overs to this ad to show and explain two different typefaces and to explain their differences and how they contrast with each other.


Typeface #1

Typography #1

The first typeface style is san serif which means ‘without serif.’ This ad does a great job showing no serif and showing no thickness or thinness to the letters. And even though the letters are all in caps we can tell automatically what the word is.


Typeface #2:

Typography #2

The second style of typeface is an old-style font. The reason it is an old-style font is because there are serifs present in the letter. There as well is a moderate thick/thin transition in the strokes as it is shown on the lower right side of the U.



Using both styles of san serifs and serifs show an obvious contrast in the two fonts. These two fonts work well together because one has no thickness and thinness while the other does and can be distinguished between the two. And even though they are both bold there is an obvious difference in both letters.


Typography is an great way to show differences between fonts and styles. Both of these typefaces work well together because we can automatically see there was no mistake in using both of these fonts. When using different typefaces we have to make sure the we use two different fonts so that it cannot  be mistaken as an error.  The best way to contrast is by using san serif and serif which one can tell the difference right away and there is no chance of it getting mistaken as an error.

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