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Entrepreneur Journal – Last Lecture

There are many things in which we are capable of doing when it comes to work and finding a job. However, is it something you are truly passionate about? One of the greatest lessons I was able to take from this class was to find something that you are passionate about and go with it. Without passion it simply becomes a normal job and there is not much drive that gets you motivated.

One major insight I learned was that keeping our Savior in our business will actually help us. With this we also need to have our spouse with us and be transparent with all the decisions we are making, but also with the Lord. He knows all things and is here to help us when we ask. He wants to bless us with blessings when we are doing what is right. He never leaves us on our own it is up to us to have him by our side. Our spouse is equally important because we don’t want to make major life choices with their opinion or consent. They will be with us for all time and all eternity, so it is our duty that we treat them with the most respect.

Since we are in the topic of family I want to talk about family. We are here on the earth for a reason and that reason is to raise a family and return back to our Heavenly Father. So, when we did a case study talking about family and whether one would pick work over a dance recital it hit me real hard and how neglecting a family can become very normal. But this is not want I want for myself. I want to be able to see my kids grow and even though attending all sporting or other events is not possible doing my very best will be satisfying. I don’t want to end my life wishing I had gotten to know my kids better or see them being raised by other parents. If I am able to be there for my kids I definitely will.

Lastly, enjoy the life you are living. Even though it will be a big rollercoaster and it will be hard at time it is better to know of all the blessings we have even when we are not successful in the way we want. Money is not everything. Family and friends are more important than earning the extra 5 dollars. So, don’t spend your life chasing money because it will ruin all the wonderful things in life.

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Social Media Marketing – Blog Post #10

Organic is mostly based on SEO, where it is the backlink to a search. Search options might include a display banner, social (likes and shares), or email. AdWords is more paid digital marketing.

We also learned about social media marketing and what it is.  Social media marketing is the process of creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagements and sharing. This is a huge aspect in marketing because we are seeing more and more people be influence by online marketing compared to the old fashioned way of paper marketing. This is vital to today’s online business because it is one of the most effective ways to receive traffic and customers. Each post has to be tailored to whichever platform is being used and on the audience the business is trying to target. Not all post will be the same because of the different platforms. But if this is done well it will be very effective.


Blog Post: Finding the Injustice in Life

As an entrepreneur we have to find something in which we are passionate and have great talent in. While doing this week’s reading there were four steps to prepare our hearts for opportunity and injustice.

First, slow down and pay attention to feelings and emotions. This one is really hard for me to do because I think of showing or expressing negative emotions as a weak point in me, which I shouldn’t be thinking that way. I have to learn to be sensitive to my reactions and emotions and find out how I can change that into desire.

Secondly, I need to practice gratitude every day. Every evening I should take a moment to write down the things in which I was grateful for the night before and remember those things in the morning. This would really help me because I tend to get caught up in my own problems and I forget about the good things that have happened in my life.

Third, spend less time with someone less fortunate. This one might be a little harder because it isn’t something normal for me to go and help at a soup kitchen, but by doing this it can help me open my eyes about how lucky I am to have parents who provided for me growing up.

Lastly, I need to take note when you know what will happen next. This way if I have a great idea I will be able to plan out what can happen and it can ultimately turn into a successful career choice.

Overall, I need to prepare myself with these four steps to better set up my future and learn of myself in all areas of work and life.


Money – Entrepreneur Journey

Money is not evil as many like to think. But what is evil is the love of money. In the end money exposes us of the real person we are. One important lesson I was able to get out of the reading we had was that money make good men better. By this is meant that men who are typically good tend to do better things with their money. Whether that be investing or helping the poor. Essentially those who are good and come across money will always do the right thing and not really care for material riches.

Ways we can prosper according to Stephen W. Gibson:

  1. Seek the Lord and have hope in Him
  2. Keep the commandments (tithing and fast offering)
  3. Think about money and plan how you can become self-reliant
  4. Take advantage of chances for learning so you will not be ignorant of these matters
  5. Learn the laws upon which the blessings of wealth are predicated
  6. Don’t send away the naked , the hungry, the thirsty or the sick or those are held captive

Those were some of the key points he made in regards of having money. We should take care of our family first, but we should also help those who are less fortunate than we are.


Adwords and Analytics – Blog Post 7

Adwords is an effective way to create campaigns to get visits on your website. Picking the keywords is a little tricky because you have to know whether or not the keywords is going to be effective in what people are searching for. Also, when picking keywords you have to be aware of the price each of the keywords cost per click. This can be very costly if words have a high price. But these campaigns are very effective if the right word and if the description and titles stick out for a potential click.

Also, Google Analytics is a very good way to see where and how your visitors are viewing your site. This tool can also help determine how long the sessions are, bounce rate, new visitors, etc. This is super helpful because it helps the owner of the website do changes depending on what data and information they are getting back from the website.


Taxes and Fees – Blog Post 5

One insight I was able to learn during this week was the concept of taking money online. I guess I really never thought about how it all worked and the technicalities it took when buying from different states. So, basically an online store collects sales tax from people who are buying merchandise from that state. For example, if I am an online store based in Utah I would charge sales tax to those buying my product in Utah. If, however, I have a customer buying my product in California I wouldn’t charge tax because they are not in the state of Utah.



Lessons Learned – Blog Post 9

One very important lesson I have learned this week is to test our pages and see how traffic does with these pages. So, basically what we have to do is create two pages that are very similar and test them out in Google Analytics. For example, one page can have a picture on the right and the second page can have a similar picture, but on the left. Analytics can then see which page does better base on real interaction with people visiting the page.

I have also learned that within each AdWords group we should create 2 campaigns for the AdWords to be more effective. This is because when someone searches one keyword is can pertain to one group while someone else can search another word that fits for their search better.

Also, when creating your landing page the most important information at the top of the page. This way when people get on the page they are able to see the importance content. Also, the page should be very clean and extra unimportant content should be deleted.